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All year-round, the weather is unpredictable in New Jersey. Storms, wind, and snow cause damage and stress to the trees on your property. This results in parts of trees splitting and unwanted debris to fall into your yard. Sometimes entire trees uproot themselves, blocking your cars and or entrances to your home. If you are in the Central New Jersey area, choose Randy's to assist you in removing and cleaning up any debris and fallen trees resulting from a storm. Should you find any trees or debris blocking public roads, be sure to call your local municipality to report it.

Check your Insurance Policies!

Many homeowners’ policies will cover the damage to a home caused by a tree falling. Some policies may even provide $1000 for tree removal if a tree falls and blocks your driveway. Comprehensive auto insurance will cover any damage to your car caused by a tree.

Storms in NJ Prone to Cause Tree Damage

  • Thunder and Lightning Storms
  • Ice and Winter Mix Storms
  • Snowstorms
  • Tornadoes

Tree Removal as a Last Resort

In many cases a tree may be able to be saved instead of being removed after a storm. At Randy's, we take a "Save First" approach when it comes to trees. We will mitigate the damage and save any tree that is still functional and practical, saving you money.

Regular Tree Pruning Helps Prevent Storm Damage

The vulnerable parts of trees will easily break during storms. By having your trees pruned, your trees will be strong and have a much better chance to make it through a storm.

Why Choose Randy's for Tree Services?

  • We show up when we say we will
  • Our prices are fair and don’t have any surprise fees later
  • Our work is safe and neat. We never leave debris behind, unless you request to have firewood made
  • We have great equipment, including a 110’ Bucket Truck, ensuring the safest access to possible to all New Jersey trees

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Call or Text?

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